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Monday, November 23, 2015

Good Luck for Your SPM


I just wanna take this opportunity to wish a best of luck  all physics spm 2015 candidate.
Do read the question carefully..Dont do careless mistakes.Watch out the trap in the questions..especially in paper 1 and use correct unit for calculation.

Here i list down some important design experiment on paper 3 ...its just a prediction...the best is for u to cover everything :)
Good luck.

Monday, November 2, 2015

SPM Physics : A+ Mission

SPM2015 has just started today.I wanna take this opportunity to wish good luck to all my student and other SPM candidates as well. Keep calm and stay focus.Hopefully all of u will pass with flying colors.

Here are some of my private and group tuition student who will be taking SPM this year.

trial B+ .. really hope he can get A, inshaa Allah

                                                              ..Setiabudi group private tuition

my favorate physics class,. most of them are improving..some of them got B+ and A- in their trial..really hope they will perform better in this final exam

Friday, September 4, 2015

SPM physics: Trial Exam


I'm sure SPM candidate for this year are currently busy preparing for their trial exams starting this month. May be some of u have finished your trial. If u have done it, this is the best time to gauge your overall knowledge on physics subject. Can u answer all the questions with confidence during the trial??If the answer is a big NO, then u have to do some reality check.
In general u can do these following steps:
  •  Check which topic in form 4 and form5 that u still couldn't understand?
  •  Check which physics paper in the trial u 've found most difficult to answer?
  •  If u found out paper 2 is the culprit, then check again which section of paper 2 that u found  most difficult to deal with.
Then consult your teacher and friends to help u solve those problem. Well if they can't really help u, then i suggest u hire a private tutor that can assist u. Is it too late to hire a tutor at this dying moment?? May be its not too late..but i suggest u hire an experience tutor with a good track record.
Usually these tutor will do the post mortem, and try to highlight your strength and weakness..
What ever your trial result will is not for u to give up..stay positive and look forward for improvement. I had a student who failed his trial..but yet he managed to ge A- in SPM. But u need lots of courage and be mentally and spritually strong to overcome the odds. Just keep trying until the end.U'll never know.. may be luck is still with you.. All the best.
picture of my student trial result, picture below:some of my student pass trial and spm result

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Physics Home Tuition Schedule

Here is the latest update on my available slot for home private tuition session 2015.
If u need further information, do contact or whatsapp me cikgu Ahmad at 017 2877589.

Monday to Sunday

Saturday, August 16, 2014

SPM Physics Trial Exam

This week most of my home tuition student were busy preparing for their trial exams.In the picture below, these girls are from Sekolah Aminuddin Baki. I came over to their place to revise with them a day before their trial which was held on last Wednesday. In last midterm exam, 2 of them managed to get 'A' in physics, while the other girl got 'A-'. Hopefully in this trial exam, they will perform better. Of course, the next phase is to prepare them for final assault, i.e an 'A+' for SPM.
 I wanna take this opportunity to wish the very best of luck for those who will be having their trial sooner or later . If u guys managed to do zero careless mistakes, i m pretty sure that your physics results will be much better than your midterm results..

2011 Physics Trial Paper

Terengganu P1 P2 P3 (no answer scheme)


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2010 Physics Trial Paper

SBP 2010 [ P1 ] [ P2 ] [ P3 ] [ ANS. SCHEME ]

SABAH 2010 [ P1 ] [ P2 ] [ P3 ]

JOHOR 2010 [ P1,P2,P3 ]

TERENGGANU 2010 [ P1 ] [ P2 ] [ P3 ] [ ANS. SCHEM]

MELAKA 2010 [ P1,P2,P3 ]

PERLIS 2010 [ P1 ] [ P2 ] [ P3 ] [ ANS. SCHEM]

S'NGOR 2010 [ P1 ] [ P2 ] [ P3 ] [ ANS. SCHEM]

KEDAH 2010 [ P1 ] [ P2 , P3 ] [ ANS. SCHEM]

* credit goes to all the teachers who are willing to share these papers on the net

2009 Physics Trial Paper

SPM Physics 2009 Trial Paper:

1. Perlis 2009 [Marking scheme]
2. SBP2009 / P1 / P2 / P3 /Marking Scheme (credit to cikgu suriati)
3. Sabah 2009
4.Johor 2009

5. Pahang { P1 } {P2} {P3}
6. Kelantan 2009
7. Terengganu 2009

8. Selangor [ P2 ] [ P3 ] [
Skema ]
9. Negeri 9 [ P2 ] [ P3 ] [ Skema ]

10. Kedah [ P1 ] [P2 ] [ P3 ] [ SKEMA ]
11. MRSM [ P1 ] [ P2 ] [ P3 ]
12. Perak [ P2 ] [ Skema ]

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