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I am a full time specialist Physics tutor operating in Klang Valley. I've been educating student for more than 10 years. My specialty is to transform student that had failed their physics subject into a better result. Even some of them managed to get an A in their final exam, You can read their testimony in this blog. I provide home tuition for physics subject to those living nearby KL especially around W.Maju, Ampang,Melawati and Setiawangsa. At the same time i 'm giving online tuition to all malaysia & overseas student. For tuition centre looking for a physics tutor, i'm also able to give seminar and conduct weekly classes. Meanwhile,for school teachers who are organising physics seminar, i am happy to assist u in that aspect. If u have enquiry on my service, do contact or whatsap me at 017-2877589 or email me at fizbro @ gmail . com

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Physics Home Tuition: 2017 ,January Intake

Alhamdulillah, just received another positive feedback from a satisfied potential customer during the 2017 home tuition trial class session..
If u are still searching for an experience and good physics home tutor, u have just found the right one :)
Just PM,whatsapp or sms me for details at 0172877589.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

SPM Physics: Good Luck to SPM2016 candidate

Last week I have completed the 8 hrs seminar at Sekolah Menengah Agama Rawang. I would like to thank cikgu Zafarina for inviting me to share last minute revision tips for the student. Besides having tuition, attending seminar is also one of the way for student to equip themselves before taking SPM.
Hopefully all the effort taken by these student and teachers will be translated into a positve outcome.

Here some of the feedback i got from the seminar.. I always welcome an honest comment from student in order for me to improve my teaching method.


Since SPM has just started this week, I wanna take this opportunity to wish all SPM candidates a very best of luck especially in their physics paper. Read and try to understand the questions carefully. Do grab all the basic physcics concept,  all physics principle such as Pascal, Bernoulli; and physics law like Faraday, Ohms law etc. before the exam. Please avoid any careless mistake. May u pass your physics paper with flying colors.

For those who would love to know more on my home tuition sevice or seminar, you can Whatsapp or contact me directly at 0172877589.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

SPM Physics Seminar

Yesterday, I gave physics SPM seminar to student in SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kirara, Puchong. A special thank you to Cikgu Aina for inviting me to deliver final revision tips to these awesome student. Hopefully they will gain something beneficial to assist them in their final preparation before SPM. Wish them good luck and all the best. For those who would love to know more on my seminar, you can Whatsapp or contact me directly at 0172877589.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Why hire a physics tutor??

Why certain student need a physics private home tuition? 
My answer is simple,it is because not all student are able to focus while learning in a bigger group. Physics is an interesting subject but can be very complicated  when the student are not focused. Usually there are lots of distraction when u study with 30 other student. Even though their eyes were staring on the white board as if they were listening to the lecture, however their mind was somewhere else. When their mind was distracted, by end of the class most of them couldn't understand what being taught by the teacher. To make it worse,  they always got lower marks in exam and test. 
Are these student are not good enough to score an 'A'?

I have encountered these kind of student almost every year. Some of them are actually clever enough to score an A in exam. It is very unfortunate. just because they cant stay focus longer than 10 minutes,they tend to misunderstood the concept and in the end lose interest in the subject. As their tutor it is my task to assist and explain things they dont understand and try to recreate interest on the subject. Once they get the feel good factor, the results will improve slowly .

Here is some screenshot conversation with one of  my client.His daughter used to get D while in form-4 final exam. When i asked her, she hardly understand what was being taught in the class. She'd tried attending classes in tuition centre, but still no improvement. Early this year, her dad hired me as her private physics tutor.After a few months of intensive private classes, Alhamdulillah she starts to show lots of improvement especially in last mid term exam.

Hopefully she can continue to improve and get a better result in the trial and finally in the SPM. If u or your children are having the same problem, i suggest u find someone who can guide  your children before it is too late. First thing i would suggest u try consult the school teacher to know what went wrong.
U can also ask your children to become close friend with those classmate who are really good in physics. Then try to form a small study group of 2-3 person. If u can afford, find an experience tutor to enhance their understanding.

As 2016 trial exam is approaching, i wish all SPM candidate a very good luck. Keep trying and never give up.

(For those who would love to know more on my tutoring service, u can contact/whats app/sms me at this number 0172877589.)

Friday, July 15, 2016

SPM physics: Pre Trial Preparation

Dear all spm candidates,

We are now in mid July. Trial exam is more or less within one monh period only. It is time for all SPM 2016 candidate to aggressively doing your trial preparation. You should by now have analysed what went wrong in your last midterm exam. Do acknowledge which paper had caused u lots of problem in last exam. I think out of those 3 physics papers, paper 3 is the easiest one for u to get perfect score. If u do have problem with paper 3, consult your teacher/tutor to help u get full marks in this paper. Here i attached one of my student result on paper 3. She almost got a perfect score.She did careless mistakes in section B..otherwise she should have got full mark for her paper3.
 If she can do it, why cant you?? So keep your faith and never give up.

2011 Physics Trial Paper

Terengganu P1 P2 P3 (no answer scheme)


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2010 Physics Trial Paper

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S'NGOR 2010 [ P1 ] [ P2 ] [ P3 ] [ ANS. SCHEM]

KEDAH 2010 [ P1 ] [ P2 , P3 ] [ ANS. SCHEM]

* credit goes to all the teachers who are willing to share these papers on the net

2009 Physics Trial Paper

SPM Physics 2009 Trial Paper:

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2. SBP2009 / P1 / P2 / P3 /Marking Scheme (credit to cikgu suriati)
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4.Johor 2009

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7. Terengganu 2009

8. Selangor [ P2 ] [ P3 ] [
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10. Kedah [ P1 ] [P2 ] [ P3 ] [ SKEMA ]
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