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Friday, July 15, 2016

SPM physics: Pre Trial Preparation

Dear all spm candidates,

We are now in mid July. Trial exam is more or less within one monh period only. It is time for all SPM 2016 candidate to aggressively doing your trial preparation. You should by now have analysed what went wrong in your last midterm exam. Do acknowledge which paper had caused u lots of problem in last exam. I think out of those 3 physics papers, paper 3 is the easiest one for u to get perfect score. If u do have problem with paper 3, consult your teacher/tutor to help u get full marks in this paper. Here i attached one of my student result on paper 3. She almost got a perfect score.She did careless mistakes in section B..otherwise she should have got full mark for her paper3.
 If she can do it, why cant you?? So keep your faith and never give up.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Physics Home Tuition: SPM 2015 Results

SPM 2015 result had been released on the 3rd of March .
Many have got their results with mix feelings.
Some were happy, some were not.
By the way , i think its not too late for me to congratulate those who managed to get A for physics.
Congrats also to those who had shown huge improvement on their physics results.
Here are some update on my tuition student recent SPM results.
If u are looking for my physics home tuition sevice or seminar, please do not hesitate to contact me at 0172877589.

Here are some of their reaction just after seating for their exam back in November

Friday, February 26, 2016

Saturday, December 5, 2015

SPM Physics: Group Home tuition

Salam to all..

Most of the SPM2015 candidates have just finished their exam this week. After a hectic month, now it is time for them to take a long break . So far i heard add maths was among the killer paper and some claimed it was too hot to handle.

How about physics paper??
I m not sure about others, but most of my student told me that this year physics paper was not as difficult as addmaths. They seem to appreciate the '1000 questions regime' that i equipped them 2 month before exams.  Here i include some of the feedback from my SPM2015 student on their recent physics paper.

Next month, 2016 is is time for the current form 4 student to get ready and wake up from their so called 'honeymoon year'. My advise for  form 4 student, please do some reality check based on your final exams result. If u failed in elective subject such as biology, add maths, physics or chemistry..i think this holiday is the best time to reflect what actually went wrong.
Let say if u are totally lost on the subject i mentioned, i think u need to find a good mentor to get u back on the right track. If u find it very hard to study on your own, then try  to collect your friends and ask them to have a study group at your place. If needed, do hire a good and experience tutor to coach all of you on those subject. The advantages of having, group home tuition, u are actually paying less compared to 1 to 1 session. At the same time u and your peers can assist and compete with each other in a positive way. Usually i suggest maximum of 4 student per group.This is to ensure that the tutor can focus on each student.

Trust me, u still have a plenty of time to put things on the right track . For time being, do enjoy your semester break..and have a great holiday.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Good Luck for Your SPM


I just wanna take this opportunity to wish a best of luck  all physics spm 2015 candidate.
Do read the question carefully..Dont do careless mistakes.Watch out the trap in the questions..especially in paper 1 and use correct unit for calculation.

Here i list down some important design experiment on paper 3 ...its just a prediction...the best is for u to cover everything :)
Good luck.

2011 Physics Trial Paper

Terengganu P1 P2 P3 (no answer scheme)


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* credit goes to all the teachers who are willing to share these papers on the net

2009 Physics Trial Paper

SPM Physics 2009 Trial Paper:

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