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I am a full time specialist Physics tutor operating in Klang Valley. I've been educating student for more than 10 years. My specialty is to transform student that had failed their physics subject into a better result. Even some of them managed to get an A in their final exam, You can read their testimony in this blog. I provide home tuition for physics subject to those living nearby KL especially around W.Maju, Ampang,Melawati and Setiawangsa. At the same time i 'm giving online tuition to all malaysia & overseas student. For tuition centre looking for a physics tutor, i'm also able to give seminar and conduct weekly classes. Meanwhile,for school teachers who are organising physics seminar, i am happy to assist u in that aspect. If u have enquiry on my service, do contact or whatsap me at 017-2877589 or email me at fizbro @ gmail . com

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Monday, March 16, 2009

SPM 2008 Results ..

Sorry coz didnt update this site for a while..its a holiday season,i need to take a break :)

Guess what, SPM result has came out..congratulations to my home-tuition student who managed to get an A for their physics like Diana, Kamini, Farhan,Faiz, Siew,Ashraf, Fiqri
..& not too forget for those who got B's..dont be too frustrated coz u've tried your best & i'm proud of u guys. My appreciation also goes to those who never passed their physics b4 & managed to getB or credit this time . I'm also gratefull that none of my student failed their physics.

Overall physics results in Selangor has dropped..not sure about Wilayah..i heard this time the 'A' graph may be higher..but the passing mark a bit lower. My advice to those who dint get an outstanding result, dont be too sad..coz there's always a new opprtunities out there to be grabbed. Life is not only about getting A's,and gettin straight A's wont guarantee that u'll be a succesfull person in near future.
Succes in life is a continuous personal development. It doesn’t matter whether you will end up a prime minister,a millionaire,an engineer,an accountant or a housewife, what matter is how you get there. And along this journey, some mistakes are bound to happen. If you want to make things happen in future,the ability to motivate yourself is a crucial skill. U can only achive this if u know how to learn from mistake, think positively and have a good faith in yourself and GOD.
I wish u all the best in your future.

Anyway..for those who taking SPM this year, be prepared..i think kementerian will give u a tough time to get "A's".. So take the challenge, plan your study and i beg u.. please, & please & please do not wait till last minute,... coz u're not Einstein :)

I left u guys especially SPM 2009 candidate with this news articles.. IF anak nelayan can do it..how about u guys???

Read this..

Tuah Anak Nelayan 1:
Kejayaan pelajar cemerlang negara SPM 2008, Nik Nor Madihah Nik Mohamad Kamal, 18 dari Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan turut dikongsi bersama kerajaan negeri...more

Tuah Anak Nelayan 2:
Bagi pelajar cemerlang Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia 2008, Lim Shu Yong dan Tan Chin Huat dari Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Yoke Kuan, Sekinchan dekat sini usaha sepakat mereka mengulangkaji bersama berjaya menghasilkan 16 A1.
Selain teknik mengulangkaji pelajaran secara berkumpulan, Lim anak seorang nelayan dan Tan, anak seorang tukang besi, mengakui mereka juga memberikan tumpuan sepenuh perhatian di dalam kelas dalam usaha mencapai keputusan cemerlang ini...more


nadia said...

hi sir..ni nadia
just wanna say tq 4 teaching me..
though i got only B4, u did make me understand physics better..selalu xm dpt cukup mkn je :)

LiMaP5 said...

salam cikgu. sy sekolah kat phg. lama dah ikut cikgu nye blog. inshaAllah Physics SPM 2009 A1!

Cikgu fizik said...

hi nadia..its a pleasure to teach u..wish u all the best in yr future.

and to LIMAP5, thanks for yr loyalty..mudahan target A1 anda akn tercapai..tapi mesti ada perancangan rapi disusuli usaha dan doa..inshaAllah boleh A1.

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