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Monday, April 20, 2009

Physics SPM Tips to score 'A'

Since so many students emailed and ask me how to study physics, perhaps in coming month i should share some daily or weekly tips with u, so at least u can grab a 'B' for your physics . I know, some may question me..why not an 'A' . Well.. majorities of students dint do well in their physics. Usually they just passed in their exam or test. Actually, ramai yang 'fail'..this is a fact whether u like it or not. Frankly speaking, for those who wants to get an 'A' i think u must do some extra work . I'll discuss about it later..

Yesterday i went to Pesta buku at PWTC and bought a few books for my home tuition student. See, how lucky they are :)..they dont have to be bother getting stuck in a crowded place. I just do this coz i care about u guys. I want u to do well in your SPM. Hopefully, siapa yang selalu kena 'laser' should understand, its for your own good :).
For those who staying in KL, u should go there and get some exercise books. We're moving towards May 09, tis is time for u to do more & more exercises. Most of the publishers are giving discount, especially kalau u all beli banyak-banyak.

There's one book i want u to have. It is is a koleksi soalan SPM by Cerdik Publications. This book is a must, especially for my followers like Faris Fikri who has the semangat to do well in his physics. If u buy the latest edition,it covers questions from 2005-2008. (Hmm.. may be i should ask CERDIK some commission for recommending their books..haha :)

Here i wanna share one of tips on how to get an A in your physics. From now on, u must familiarize yourself with SPM type of questions. Especially in paper 1 , there seems to be a repetition pattern on certain questions. Let say if u've tried at least 5 passed year paper, i/m sure u can understand what do i mean by a repetition pattern. Kementerian will not repeat exactly the same questions, but there'll be some similarities between those questions.
The more exercise u do, u 'll b exposed to different type of questions. If u r lucky enough, some of the questions might come out in SPM. For me, in paper 1, u should'nt do more than 5 mistakes. Which mean u must get at least 45/50.
Wow..it sounds impossible to some of u ..but trust me it can be done. Apa yang susah sangat, the answers are there, just choose the right one :). The problem is,most of u did lots of careless mistakes. Some dint read the questions carefully especially if they ask either true or false answers.

Another typical careless mistakes can occur in calculation type of questions. In doing calculation, my advice is.. dont simply baca soalan & suddenly press your calculator 'macam nak main game PSP'.Then u think u've got the answer, unfortunately it was the wrong one. WHy?Bcoz most of u dindt convert the units into S.I units. In SPM those 'correct' answer that u've calculated will always appear among the a,b,c & d..So please watch out the trap !

One more thing, if necessary.. please underline important words or phrase. For example,if the question asked for TRUE or FALSE answer, underline those words (false/true). This is to remind that u r alert of what being asked.

In life, if u have more experience, u'll be a wiser person. So as a conclusion, u need to do more exercises, not only for physics but other subjects as well. The more mistakes u made, the more u will learn from it...BUT..dont repeat the same mistakes. I repeat it again..DONT repeat the same mistakes.
I think thats it for today, i wish u all the best in your study..


davidtan said...

i really like this post, " Physics SPM Tips to score 'A' ".... funny...

Anonymous said...

i like this page. thank god i had found it . btw , im really worry for my spm , coming soon. i think your student was so lucky to have you. i lost my interest in physic.but i will get A !i hope there is lots of tips i can get from here :)

Cikgu fizik said...

thnx.. ..appreciate your comments & feedback..lets use internet to share & help each other towards excellence results

saye kerink said...

salam sir,
i don't know how could i miss this post.
and i want to thank you soooo much much much.

1st, because u putted my name. wahh sangat 'kembang' sekejap.hahah. well i only realized this post after i search my name in google. then i found this word "This book is a must, especially for my followers like Faris Fikri who has the semangat to do well in his physics.". well thanks to you. i also went to the book fair and buy the cerdik past year book for every single subject that i take/took. hahah. unfortunetly, sorry to say that i didn't touch 'physics' past year book yet. because it sooo thick. i am afraid to open it. i'm afraid that i couldn't answer the Q. silly me.

2nd, sir i hope that i has/have the strong enthusiasms in physics. ouhh. my physics went down in my mid. i got an E. well i realized my most mistakes is in paper 2. and i am so grateful that my paper 3 is going well. almost got the full mark. but just a silly mistakes i lost 1mark. huu.tape2 like u said "dont repeat the same mistakes".

insyaAllah i will remember your words. ;] thanks again sir. i really(infinity) appreciate what u hav done for all of us so that we can achieve an A1 in our physics. sir, if i get an A for physics in my spm this year. i am sure you will be the first/2nd or either 3rd(hehe) to know it. may allah s.w.t. bless you and your family. aminn. ;]

Anonymous said...

thank to this blog sir..
it help me..
i like to learn physics...
but until now..
i didn't get a for my exam...
the highest i get until now only B+...
i ralise that i am careless...
and sometimes i do not understand the question..

Anonymous said...

trima kase cikgu atas tip-tip yg amat bgune...
moge sgale pngorbnn cikgu diberkati Allah..
saya doakan cikgu dapat kberkatan hidup dari Allah Taala..
"Allah akan mudahkan urusan seseorang yg mnunaikan hajat saudaranya"..

Jazmyn said...

Hey, thanks for the tip.The past papers ur refering up there, is it the one that Cambridge made for IGCSE students? Is it similar to it or is there any difference? I don't really know what SPM is since I'm an IGCSE student.

Cikgu fizik said...

some of the topics are similar..but there is certain topic that is not covered in IGCSE in details..

2011 Physics Trial Paper

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