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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SPM: Express Revision Notes

Hi there,
Lately, i've been receiving so many request on 'express' revision notes . I think some of u have started to feel the HEAT..followed by the PRESSURE .Well ..that's what SPM is all about :)
Thats y u need to learn PRESSURE in form 4..
In physics ..Pressure = (Force) / (Area)
.. the bigger the force, the larger the pressure
..the smaller the area, the larger the pressure

applying this concept, i can derive a new formula called 'SPM PRESSURE'..

In SPM, ..PRESSURE = (No. of SUBJECT) / ( time)

(No. of subject) can be considered as no. of weight u have to carry, thus if u take more subject, the pressure is getting HIGHER..

As for time, if u have less time or when the time is getting closer towards SPM, the PRESSURE will be mounting HIGHER as well..

To summarize this new formula, if u r studying last minute.. your time is getting lesser. Then i can conclude that "U WILL BE UNDER XTREME PRESSSSURE"
So don't wait until last minute..coz u 've at least 9 subjects to carry, berat tu :)

By the way,here i include those 'Express' notes in powerpoint version. The notes is useful if u wanna have a quick revision. Hopefully it can reduce your pressure :)

My last advice is..please plan your time. Dont procrastinate, coz it is a thieves of time.
I think thats it 4 now..see u in next post, bye & gudluck..

Form4 Express notes:

Chapter 1- Introduction to Physics

Chapter 2- Forces & Motion

Chapter 3- Forces & Pressure

Chapter 4- Heat

Chapter 5- Light

Form 5 Express notes:
Chapter 1- Waves

Chapter 2- Electricity

Chapter 3- Electromagnet

Chapter 4- Electronics

Chapter 5- Radioactive

(Thanx & best regards to the author for publishingg this notes on the web)


Anonymous said...

I can't download the express notes from here..

Can u email to me:

my email: h_wah@yahoo.com


Jeagerjaques said...

I can't download it either.

Can u e-mail it to me:

jeagerjaques@live.com / bmwm3gtr03@yahoo.com.my


gin said...

how do we download the express notes teacher? i'm facing the same problem too.

Guest said...

the note r very helpful..
i can download it..
thanks again..

Anonymous said...

no problem in downloading notes .TQ ya!

R.Lim said...

Hi..I'm a student from the southern region. I find your blog really helpful especially for an SPM 2011 student such as myself. Hoping to find more updates on the Physics curriculum, tips and techniques etc.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

Cikgu fizik said...

thnx lim, keep coming to this blog for more updates..btw u cn join my online tuition class for more xclusive tips & answering technique

Anonymous said...

thanks for the notes sir..its really helpful for me and my friend ..the notes are short and effective as well as the tips do.. hope i can score well in my trial with these notes and tips.. thanks sir


Hi.I want to excel to get A+ in Physics.
I've memorised all the notes,all the formulas in Physics..but alas..it doesnt work for me..even though I've studied in hard way..
Do guide me in order to excel in Physics by your study smart techniques..please?

By the way..your page is awesome..i can share this to my senior...

Email me at nurhannnahhamzah@gmail.com

Nur Hannah Hamzah..

Cikgu fizik said...

to be good in physics, 1st u need to undertand the concept. Dont simply memorise them. Then u need to know how to apply the concept.

2011 Physics Trial Paper

Terengganu P1 P2 P3 (no answer scheme)


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