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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SPM tips: Physics Paper 3

In paper 3, u r given with1h 30 minutes. There are 2 section A & B.

In Section A:

1. consists of two structured questions and must answer both of the questions.

2. The total marks for this section is 28 marks. You are advised to spend 60 minutes on this section.

3. The questions in this section are based on experiments that you should have done in the lab.

4. The questions in this section normally require you to collect and tabulate the data in a table and to plot a graph.

5. You are normally required to state the manipulated variable, the responding variable and the fixed variable based on the aim and the procedure of the experiment. Make sure you know the meaning of each of the variables stated above.

6. The questions from this section also involve the interpretation of graphs. As such you will need to carefully determine the quantity represented by the gradient of the graph provided. You will also need to know how to determine the gradient of the graph.U must know the physical qty represented by the gradient.

7. The questions from this section may also involve the calculation of certain quantities. Make sure that you write down all the steps involved in the spaces provided in the question paper.

8. Dont forget to state units & please improve your maths skills on straight line & curved graph.

9. U must also know how to relate the graph, either a directly or inversely proportional type.


In Section B:

1. Section B consists of two questions and you must answer one question only.

2. The total marks for this section is 12 marks. You are advised to spend 30 minutes on this section.

3. U are normally given with a diagram of a situation in our daily lives together with a brief write-up on the situation shown.

4. You will have to study the situation carefully as you are normally asked to state one suitable inference/hypothesis that can made from the situation. Then u'll be asked to design a suitable experiment

5. Make sure you provide a fully labeled diagram of the apparatus used. Write out your experiment in passive form and use short sentences.

6. When making a conclusion, make sure that your conclusion is in line with your hypothesis.


FionaChan said...

woah this post is posted just right on time because I'm having exam tomorrow and I am CLUELESS about paper 3 until i found your site. thanks!! btw, this site rocks!

venux_8 said...

Help me wit sumthin tat sound like this:0
" Whre can i find notes on Paper 3
(compiled completed experiments from form 4 -5 only)?? These such things exist:p

My email:

Vivian said...

how many experiments are there in form 4 elasticity?

cikgufizik said...

basically..u need to chck the one that the formula comes frm..i.e F=kx & f=1/2Fx.
Most of the physics formula comes frm an xperiment conclusion..For example,for liquid pressure P=hpg..u must undrstnd its xperiment

azmi said...

I've got a problem in physics paper 2.

I got problem when the question ask (Paper 2 Section B or C)
compare and relate it with a physical concept.(4/5marks)

If you can help me, it could be helpful.

cikgufizik said...

do lots of exercise..understand application of each concept, dont simply memorise them.For example, impulsiveforceisan example of physics please understand the application of impulsive force.
Basicall make sure u read the application partfor each subtopic

NV said...

any scoring techniques like the one in biology paper 3?? like for inference how are we supposed to answer??? what is the points???

Anonymous said...

Can i answer like this for inference?: RV is affected by MV
or must it be only MV affects RV?

Anonymous said...

sir,if the hypothesis in the section b paper 3 is wrong will it effect the marks on the designing an experiment part??

Anonymous said...

Teacher, In paper2 , Which one is correct in definition ? FORCE =
1) Push and pull motion .
2) The change of momentum.

Cikgu fizik said...

rate of change in momentum..usually refer to impulsive force

Anonymous said...

I'll have my sbp trial never score A for physics,cikgu.risaulah.

Anonymous said...

20 hari lagi nk exam spm,nk score lulus pon xlepas mcm mana nak buat? 3minggu lagi! xboleh nak buat apa2 lagi dah -.-..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips at least I have "panduan" to face my paper 3

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