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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SPM tips: Physics Principle

Hi.. how r u guys..hope u r doing well with your final preparation. Recently so many student asked me for SPM tips or spot question. To tell u the truth, in SPM the questions sometimes can be so unpredictable, especially the last section of paper3 as well as section B & C paper2.
By the way i'm trying my best to share with u about my guts feeling about this year's paper. I think this year one or two of the F4 physics principle that u've learned could be asked in in either paper 2/3. Among all of them, i think the favorate that shall be asked is Archimedes Principle. If u ask which paper ( P2 or P3) it shall be asked..i straight away will say I' dont know!! To be safe u need to study anything about this principle. Find questions on these principle, & try them out.Make sure u study its definition,experiment, calculations, & the most important its APPLICATION.

In the table below i listed out some of the principles that might be a favorate in this year paper. I rated it with star..if theres no star rated, that means it is not among the favorate in paper 2. However all of this principle can be asked in paper1. Like it or not u need to study them all :)
Good luck!!!


Physics Principle


The principle of conservation of momentum


The total momentum of a system is constant, if no external force acts on the system.

Jumlah momentum sebelum perlanggaran = Jumlah momentum selepas perlanggaran.

The principle of conservation of energy


State that the energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can be transformed from one form to another, but the total energy in a system is constant.

Menyatakan bahawa tenaga tidak boleh dicipta atau dimusnahkan tetapi boleh berubah bentuk ke benntuk yg lain.

Archimedes’ principle

Prinsip Archimedes


State that an object, whether completely or partially immersed in a fluid is acted on by a buoyant force which is equal to the weight of the displaced fluid.

Menyatakan bahawa jasad yang direndam atau separa rendam dalam bendalir akan ditindakkan oleh satu daya julangan ke atas yang sama nilai dengan berat bendalir yang tersesar oleh jasad itu.

Bernoulli’s principle

Prinsip Bernoulli


State that the in a steady flow of a fluid the pressure of the fluid decreases when the velocity of the fluid increases.

Menyatakan bahawa kawasan bendalir yang bergerak dengan halaju tinggi akan menghasilkan tekanan yang lebih rendah.

Pascal principle

Prinsip Pascal

State that in an enclosed fluid an externally applied pressure is transmitted uniformly in all directions.

Menyatakan bahawa tekanan yang dikenakan pada satu titik cecair akan dipindahkan ke seluruh cecair.


darkey said...

watz d skop quests 4 physics???

Anonymous said...

Anything cn be asked in paper 1,2 &3. Basically if u do all the trial papers & pass yr..u'll undrstand how's the skop looks like

marlina said...

dah banyak kali baca archimedes tapi masih tak jelas. tolongggg cikgu

cikgufizik said...

jgn baca je, carik soalan pasal archimedes & fahamkan konsep dia

wizard said...

My objective section is always the weakest part. i always score low at that part. The other section i afraid off is the experiment. I afraid that the experiment coming out is too hard and i don't know how to plans the experiment.

cikgufizik said...

wzard, for paper 1..make sure u've finished all the pass yr paper in cerdik's book. As for paper 3 make sure u get perfect mark for section A, coz in section B students tend to loose lots of mark.

tqah said...

salam...sya bru je tahu tntg web ni...
sya hrap ckgu dpt tlg sya ok..
result fzik sya bru2 ni mrosot..
sya bimbang krn next year dh nak spm...

Anonymous said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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