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I am a full time specialist Physics tutor operating in Klang Valley. I've been educating student for more than 10 years. My specialty is to transform student that had failed their physics subject into a better result. Even some of them managed to get an A in their final exam, You can read their testimony in this blog. I provide home tuition for physics subject to those living nearby KL especially around W.Maju, Ampang,Melawati and Setiawangsa. At the same time i 'm giving online tuition to all malaysia & overseas student. For tuition centre looking for a physics tutor, i'm also able to give seminar and conduct weekly classes. Meanwhile,for school teachers who are organising physics seminar, i am happy to assist u in that aspect. If u have enquiry on my service, do contact or whatsap me at 017-2877589 or email me at fizbro @ gmail . com

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

SPM physics: 'A' student and A tutor

Alhamdulillah..last thursday on 21 March 2013, SPM2012 results came out at last. It was a joyful moment for those who got letter 'A' printed on their SPM slip regardless of the symbol.. whether its a plus or minus..as long as they got A..i m pretty sure they were quite happy with the achievement.

On that day,. around 11-1230pm, these A and A- student, bombarded  my handphone with touching messages.Those kind words sent on my scratched screen really made my day. It was a very nice feeling and a touching moment  which cant be described by words.Some of them even failed their final form 4 exam.At one time,they seem to giving up on getting A for SPM. As their mentor, i always advice them not to give up and aim as higher as possible. I am glad that at last most of them have made it with flying colors. Alhamdulillah..in average 60% of my student managed to get that magic letter 'A' printed on their slip for physics.

Then, i kept looking to my  phone screen for more good news.I was expecting that letter A+ will appear on my humble Nokia screen. But it didn't. I felt a bit sad but still hoping for  more good news.
Suddenly..my phone was ringing. I can sense something good was about to happen. I answered the phone.
"Sir..i got A+ for physics", said that energetic voice  from Victoria Institution student. This boy never tasted that (+) symbol for the past exams. I can see the smile on his voice. Then i received another call. Sir! this is Imran..i got A+ for physics " said tis boy with his husky and joyous voice. Oh their voices made me speechless for a moment as i thought i didn'tproduce any A+ student for 2012. Alhamdulillah..as I was  expecting A+ letter appear on my handphone..God delivered it in a better way. All the A+ student made a personal call to me. This what makes them different from the other 'A' student.

I wanna  take this chance to congratulate all SPM 2012 student even to those who didnt get an 'A' .I m sure that you've tried your best in last SPM. Dont look back and mourning for not getting your desired results.Do not believe the lies of limitation.There are plenty of opportunity waiting for u out there. Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true .I'm sure one day u'll be at the top.

cikgufizbro a.k.a cikgu ahmad


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